H2 Reisen combines modern technology with the personal touch of a local travel agency.

Everything at fair prices

Special trips from certified travel partners

Our tour operators are experts in their field and offer unique and responsible experiences that create special memories. They are all certified by established sustainable and responsible tourism organisations. You can easily book online with H2 Travel by filtering by destination and budget, choosing your type of trip and duration, and specifying whether you want to travel alone or as part of a group.
Enjoy your "conscientious freedom"!


1. "Conscientious freedom means choosing one's own actions with prudence and a sense of responsibility."

2. "Conscientious liberty requires that one base one's actions on moral principles and ethical values."

3. "The exercise of conscientious liberty requires the careful balancing of one's own rights and needs in harmony with the rights and needs of others."

4. "Conscientious freedom is a conscious act aimed at using freedom without violating the limits and dignity of others."

5. "A conscientious liberty consists in valuing and using freedom while considering the consequences of one's actions."

6. "Conscientious freedom requires self-reflection and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong in order to make conscious choices."

7. "Conscientious liberty means regarding one's freedom as a gift and using it for the good of society and one's own moral compass."

8. "Conscientious freedom requires a high degree of mindfulness and the will to bear the consequences of one's own decisions and to adjust them, if necessary, in order to promote the common good."


Package tours classic

At H2 Travel, classic package holidays can also be booked with confidence. We understand that many of our customers prefer the convenience and simplicity of booking from their home, which is why we offer a self-service option for direct online bookings. While this type of travel does not normally require specialist advice, we still pride ourselves on offering our clients the security and expertise they have come to expect from us. 
We rely on Germany's largest comparison portal "Check24".


Wellness and health trips

Would you like to experience unforgettable health and wellness holidays?
We offer you a variety of high-quality options to revitalise your body and mind. Our experienced partner's trips are specifically designed to help you de-stress and feel good in your body.
At H2 Reisen, we make sure you get the best possible care. The trips include wellness and health treatments such as massages, yoga, meditation, fitness classes and much more. We understand that everyone is different, so we offer a wide range of trips and programmes. We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences and memories that will help you live a happier and healthier life.

H2 Beachcamps

H2 Beach Camps

Are you ready to take your beach volleyball skills to the next level? Then check out Helly Hirner's H2 Beach Camps! With over 100 camps and more than 1000 satisfied participants since 2003, Helly has the experience and expertise to help you reach your full potential on the court. You'll get top-notch training from bilingual coaches, access to some of the best courts and facilities in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and more. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your skills and create memories with other beach volleyball enthusiasts. Sign up with us today! Watch the video below and let H2 Beachcamps convince you in under 60 seconds!